12 Step Approach to Sponsorships: Module Two – Intermediate (Coming Soon)

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Course Overview – Module Two – Intermediate – Lesson At a Glance.

This course is divided into four sections with, knowledge checks and a final assessment.

Section One:  Provides and a brief overview of what was covered in Module One and gives an overview of each of the 12-Steps and what you can expect to learn in Module Two.

Section Two:  Covers Steps one through four, Research and Preparation, and Step five goes into drafting and writing the proposal.

Section Three:  Covers Steps six through 8, Negotiation and Execution, as well as Steps nine through 12, Success and Sustainment.

Section Four:  Contains the module review and an overview introduction of Module Three.

The module concludes with a Module assessment and awards a certificate of completion.

You will need to achieve 80% on the assessment as a prerequisite to Module Three.


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