Press Interview Fundamentals

The Newman Tales share adventures of Newman, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, rescued from the meat-industry in Taiwan and saved from euthanasia at the Humane Society. Despite what life has thrown his way, Newman Lives with the mantra,
“When things seem really bad, beautiful things still happen.”
Singing in the Rain tells of Newman’s outlook on rainy days as liquid sunshine

The B.O.M. Betting On Me

The B.O.M. Betting On Me, by Lynn F. Austin, is a book that takes you on a personal journey exploring life’s challenges, adversities, and opportunities. The adventures cover three stages that include: 1) Betting on family, 2) Betting on friends and others to a point of 3) Betting on me” where I discover and come to understand that life happens, for you, not to you for you to live your purpose.

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Press Interview Fundamentals

This guide prepares you or your clients for everything you need for television, digital and print media interviews. In this book, you’ll get essential information and insight to avoid the “gotcha” moment and master the art of giving interviews. Key topics include: Style and Substance; Things to Consider; Crafting the Message; Presentation; Getting Back to Message and Putting Words in Your Mouth.

12 Step Approach to Sponsorship - Excerpt 12 step excerpt

​​12 Step Approach to Sponsorships

This book is designed to help you learn how to get sponsorship funding for your programs, events and activities. In this book, I share with you inside information to “crack the code” so that you can achieve the same results as many who have learned and applied these tips from my workshops held throughout.

The Little Book of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are present tense, positive words crafted to make an emotional connection and encourage positive outcomes in your life. In this eBook, you’ll get affirmations in five areas of life; Spirituality, Money & Business, Health & Well-being, Love & Relationships and Family & Friends.

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