12 Step Approach to Sponsorships: Module One – The Basics

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This course offered FREE, is designed to help you learn how to get sponsorship funding for your programs, events, and activities. The contents will help save valuable time, energy and frustration in seeking sponsorship funding by providing you with inside information to “crack the code” so that you can achieve the same results as many who have learned and applied these principles from my books and workshops on this subject.


The 12 Step process for winning sponsorships includes how to 1) identify the best companies to target for your program; 2) develop and deliver a compelling proposal; 3) to negotiate to get to the “yes”; 4) capture and present the right measurements; and 5) maintain good and effective relationships for future sponsorship opportunities and much more.  While these steps have proven a success, individual results may vary and may be conditional based on the application of these principles. Click here to view a copy of the terms and conditions associated with this course.


Module One 

The 12 Step Approach to Sponsorships – Basics is designed to teach sponsorship seekers foundational principles and terminology beneficial to seek out and secure sponsors for your programs, events, and activities.

This module is \segmented into four sections.

  • Section one covers marketing and promotions, the marketing mix, the promotional mix, and a knowledge check.
  • Section two covers key terminology, and a knowledge check.
  • Section three. discusses sponsorship entitlements, common sponsorship areas, and a knowledge check.
  • Section four includes a module review, module assessment and an introduction to Module two.


Thank you for your interest in this lesson.  We hope that the information learned as a result of this course helps you to secure the sponsorship funding you desire.



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