BOM GTB SHOT (Ginger, Turmeric, Beets)

BOM GTB Shot (Ginger Turmeric Beet)

Daily immune boosting energy shot
Prep Time6 minutes
Active Time2 minutes
Total Time8 minutes
Keyword: beets, ginger, nutriblast, shot, tumeric
Yield: 4 Shots
Cost: $5


  • Nutriblast


  • 2 inch ginger root
  • 1 inch turmeric root
  • 1/2 each lemon
  • 2 each beets small (red)
  • 1 cup distilled water


  • Wash the turmeric, ginger and beets with a vegetable brish. I didnt peel the skin off.
  • Blast the turmeric, ginger, beets and lemon together for 5-7 seconds.
  • Add water and blast 20-25 seconds until smooth.
  • Pour into shot glass and store remainder in the refrigerator.


Enjoy the refreshing and energetic BOM GTB SHOT Ginger Tumeric Beet shot.

Remember, life happens for you. Live your purchase.



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