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Crimes and Coverup-An American Story?

I love history and understand that generally speaking, history is “his-story” and written by those in charge, or as recently noted, “history is written by the winners.”

While likely true, it doesn’t mean that things that happened didn’t happen; it just means the accounts may not be written or included whenever the story is told or retold. Possibly in an attempt to erase history, not have it not believed or otherwise have it unknown to generations that follow.

Hear My Cries

Hear My Cries

While we witness the events unfolding all around us. It is somewhat surreal to think that MLK’s words on the “Other America” spoken some 52 years ago ring loudly to this day in the voice of protestors and those who have lost loved ones. So that you can appreciate what I am speaking about, here are the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

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