Quote of the Month – Building Life

Anyone who truly knows me knows that the writings of Jack Canfield have inspired me greatly. He has been a source of encouragement for me since the early Chicken Soup for the Soul books released in the late 90s to his approximately 250 thought-provoking books filled with motivational stories and inspirational essays to his coaching sessions where I had an early introduction to the benefits of meditation.

This quote inspires and evokes a declaration that says “dare to dream” and build your life on a foundation of your choosing…and fill it with what you desire.

On the one hand, the only limitations, if any, are established by you. On the other hand, if you have the willingness, courage, and drive to be, do, have all that you desire. If you possess the boldness to defy the odds and reject mediocracy. You, as the architect of your life, can build the foundation and choose the contents for what you want in life.

Remember, life happens for you. Live your purpose!



Lynn F Austin, MBA is an author and speaker.   Her messages reflect her courage and commitment against fear, doubt, and disbelief.  Dedicated to serving causes impacting domestic violence and at-risk youth, she strives to inspire others to live their purpose.

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