Quote of the Month – Perspectives

It’s all in the Perspective

Perspective is a particular way of regarding something or a point of view. Generally speaking, perspectives may come from a specific frame of reference, say how an individual was raised, where they went to school, the business or industry they worked, etc. Since perspective is somewhat rooted in our belief system. It is no wonder that it may take effort to change – especially in areas we may be deeply invested in or passionate about.

Negative Perspective

Take, for example, someone who is always negative about everything – this way of looking at the world is embedded in what they believe to be right about most, if not everything. For them, it is not a matter of being positive or negative about any given issue, it just is what it is and how they view it. But are others affected by an individual’s negativity?

What Does it Mean?

The law of attraction says like things are attracted to similar energies. The definition says like things are attracted to similar energies. The definition says it is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. With that, someone with a negative disposition is likely to affect, infect, and/or attract similar, negative energy.

Can you change your perspective?

If you’re someone with a chronic negative or occasionally in a negative mood and desire to change it, what can you do – if anything? Wayne Dyer said if we “change the way we look at things, the way they look changes.” 

Want to change the way you look at things?

Here are some ways to consider in changing the way you look at things:

Create a different picture

  • Avoid the notion that something should or has to be a particular way if it is not. Consider that your point of view may be from your limited point of view – not factoring in other aspects.
  • Consider another’s point of view at the moment.
  • Think “big picture” and how your point of view fits into a broader picture of the world.

Take inspiring actions

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal to help you feel more satisfied with your life.
  • Smile – it can be an instant mood changer.
  • Exercise to enhance your mood, boost clarity, and decrease overall anxiety. 
  • Say affirmations and positive thoughts to yourself
  • Get some rest

For resources on changing negative perspectives, visit www.visionarycoachingworkshop.com for inspirational quotes and messages. 



Lynn F Austin, MBA is an author and speaker. Her messages reflect her courage and commitment against fear, doubt, and disbelief. Dedicated to serving causes impacting domestic violence and at-risk youth, she strives to inspire others to live their purpose.

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