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Consistency and Dedication: A Pathway to Success

The piece emphasizes the importance of consistency and dedication in achieving success and fulfillment. It compares the journey to success with a regular workout that builds stamina. The piece also mentions the biblical principle of perseverance, using a verse from 2 Timothy to illustrate the idea that enduring dedication leads to triumph. Consistency is described as the daily practice of moving forward, even in the face of confusion and uncertainty, while dedication is defined as an unwavering commitment to goals and dreams. The piece concludes by encouraging readers to remember that every step and effort contributes to growth and eventual success and to stay consistent and dedicated in order to achieve their goals.

Resilience: The Triad of Perspective, Pivot, and Purpose

The piece discusses the importance of resilience and provides three key factors for developing it: perspective, pivot, and purpose. It shares that resilience is achieved through having the right perspective, pivotability in finding solutions, and a clear sense of purpose. The author emphasizes a significance, resilience and inspiration that can come from biblical teachings used to navigate life’s challenges. The overall message is to never give up or quit.

Crimes and Coverup-An American Story?

I love history and understand that generally speaking, history is “his-story” and written by those in charge, or as recently noted, “history is written by the winners.”

While likely true, it doesn’t mean that things that happened didn’t happen; it just means the accounts may not be written or included whenever the story is told or retold. Possibly in an attempt to erase history, not have it not believed or otherwise have it unknown to generations that follow.

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