Author Lynn Austin, Announces Launch of New Book Series ‘The Newman Tales’

Author Lynn Austin, Announces Launch of New Book Series ‘The Newman Tales’

The Newman Tales is the book based on true-life accounts, Newman, the rescued dog.

United States – Authored by Lynn F. Austin, ‘The Newman Tales Vol. 1: Newman’s Awesome Year’ is an incredible story of a cuddly pet, christened Newman. The soft-coated Wheaten Terrier has been rescued twice and now lives joyfully in his fur-ever home. The book takes readers on Newman’s journey from the meat-industry in Taiwan to placement in the US, surrender to the Human Society by yet, another family where this innocent animal was slated to be euthanized.

The book is based on true accounts and narrates about a beginning in the life of Newman and while 2020 was bad for many, turned out to be a lucky one for the cutie-doggo, who finally found his fur-ever home,” shares Author of the Newman Tales.

Despite all the unfortunate turns of events in his life, Newman remains one friendly, lovable, joyful, and playful doggo who lives by the Mantra, “when things seem really bad, beautiful things still happen.” The mastermind behind The Newman Tales’ powerful depiction is the 2017 Humanitarian Award recognized writer Lynn F. Austin, who is known as one courageous woman of color, defying odds with her bold spirit and positive demeanor.  Entrepreneur, professor and former first African American Director of Marketing at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Austin relishes the joys of writing, evident in the book’s storytelling style.

However, Austin’s purpose behind penning down the heart-wrenching anecdote of Newman that is at the same time filled with positivity to the brim stretches far beyond just providing good content for readers. With the book, the author, a true animal lover at heart, desires to promote the significance of rescuing dogs and saving their lives by adoption.

Additionally, proceeds earned from the sales will benefit the dog rescue adoption facility, 2daRescue, a no-kill dog rescue company that saved Newman’s life. “The prime focus in writing this story other than elucidating Newman’s struggles is to pay a gratitude to 2daRescue, who is making the lives of many other dogs better,” says Lynn Austin.

The book is now available on Amazon, where people can purchase, contributing to the author’s cause, supporting her to bolster the 2DaRescue. The author has likewise announced the launch of Newman’s second book, titled The Newman Tales volume 2: Singing in liquid sunshine, a play on the words singing in the rain, narrating a rainy day from the eyes of Newman.


About The Author

Lynn F. Austin, MBA, is a professor and managing director at Austin Group Consulting.  Her published books include The BOM: Betting on Me; Press Interview Fundamentals: Techniques for Mastering Interviews; 12 Step Approach to Sponsorship: The Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Sponsorships and Maintaining Relationships.

She adopted Newman, her first rescue, and quickly realized that despite the hardships he has endured having been born in the meat-trade industry of Taiwan, and whatever has challenged his ability to easily trust, he maintains the best disposition imaginable.

A conqueror of domestic violence, trials and tragedies, Lynn works to foster an environment that captures, “When things seem really bad, beautiful things can still happen” approach to life.

Lynn strives to instruct, guide and motivate understanding and transformation in the lives of others as she continues along the path to living her purpose. Lynn is a 2017 Humanitarian Award recipient, enjoys riding motorcycles, hiking, reading, traveling and spending time with Newman, family and friend


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