Self Commitment

Self Commitment is pledging to oneself. As we mature, we come to understand and are held accountable for higher levels of responsibility.  In the same way, that as toddlers, we have limited responsibilities but learn relatively quickly, that being responsible has its rewards. In 1 Corinthians 13:11, Paul shares, “When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”  

Very often with increased responsibility, there is increased reward and accountability.  For example, getting praise from a parent for eating your vegetables, receiving a treat for cleaning your room, getting an allowance for doing your chores, or receiving an award for a good grade.    

My Promise to me

Commitments are a level of personal responsibility — similar to, you will do, say, and hold yourself accountable for the things you commit to.  Even so, sometimes we do not.

Above all, not taking personal responsibility can result in excuses or other actions that divert responsibility.   We each have a duty to honor and be true to the commitments we make to each other, but most important, those made to ourselves so that we can grow, and mature.  



Lynn F Austin, MBA, is an author and speaker.   Her messages reflect her courage and commitment against fear, doubt, and disbelief.  Dedicated to serving causes impacting domestic violence and at-risk youth, she strives to inspire others to live their purpose. Your comments are welcome or feel free to click here to send a message.

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