Clarity in Focus

It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.     

Steve Maraboli

I have always managed to do best with clarity and understanding and at times, may feel a sense of chaos and frustration without it. Clarity, in my mind, helps me to not feel stuck and have forward motion or progress in life.

To avoid the emotions of chaos, frustration and simply feeling stuck, I strive to rid myself of the clutter of things that don’t matter so that I have capacity for what does. Below are four strategies I use to create clarity, focus and forward motion in my life:

  1. Create an environment that supports inspiration. I have a tendency to think clearly when I am in an orderly environment. If my desk is cluttered my creativity and thoughts are often cluttered and unfocused. This may not work for everyone but the point here is to create an environment that works for and inspires you.
  2. Give thought (and pen) to what is important. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing and why? What do you want in life? Write it down in the form of a positive, present-tense statement. “I am,” “I have,” “I own.”
  3. Affirm and declare. See what you have written down and declare it. Say it out loud in the mirror so that you hear and see yourself.
  4. Take action. It can be difficult at times to eliminate distractions to take the necessary actions to advance. Steps 1-3 above can guide the inspired-action you choose to take. I call it an inspired action because I want to focus on taking action instead of being concerned with taking a “wrong” action. Focussing too much if the action is right or wrong can cause stagnation of a sense of being stuck. Taking action creates forward motion. If it turns out to be a “wrong” action, you’ll learn that soon enough — and have narrowed the possible required actions.

I strive to live my best life and in doing so, may need to occasionally get clear so that I can move forward, eliminate clutter and any emotions that could poison my ability to do so.


Lynn Austin


Lynn F Austin, MBA is an author and speaker.   Her messages reflect her courage and commitment against fear, doubt, and disbelief.  She is dedicated to serving causes impacting domestic violence and at-risk youth.  

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