Author: Lynn Austin

Ms. Austin is an author, coach, professor and managing Director at Austin Group Consulting. She is a 2017 Humanitarian Award recipient. The award recognizes individuals who, despite the obstacle, demonstrate the courage to take decisive action, the wisdom to face aggressive challenges, and the willingness to sacrifice to affect causes that impact the betterment of the community. Lynn holds an MBA from Capella University, and a B.S. from Washington Adventist University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in strategy and innovation. She enjoys writing, teaching, hiking, traveling, riding motorcycles and spending time with her rescue dog Newman.

Crimes and Coverup-An American Story?

I love history and understand that generally speaking, history is “his-story” and written by those in charge, or as recently noted, “history is written by the winners.”

While likely true, it doesn’t mean that things that happened didn’t happen; it just means the accounts may not be written or included whenever the story is told or retold. Possibly in an attempt to erase history, not have it not believed or otherwise have it unknown to generations that follow.

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